Short Story

Zanders the Magnificent

“My handsome, darling boys,” Mrs. Zander said, placing a hand on each of their shoulders. “Which one of you wants to be alive today?”

Robby and Bobby turned their heads inward at the same time, staring at each other with identical dark eyes. Bobby blinked, followed shortly by Robby’s blink, and they both said, “Bobby. Robby was alive yesterday.”

Serial Episode

She Wolf and Cub: Chapter Six

Carsona was a corporation town. It was also close enough that the skimmers could have been raiders picking through its refuse, or even inhabitants out for a joyride. Geoff and I would have avoided the place, but whoever had taken him would have come through here.

Or at least, so I hoped.

Flash Fiction

Pride and Profanity

Heavily armored punctuation guarded the palace gates. “Where’s your invitation?” a belligerent semicolon demanded.

I handed mine over. Forgery had done an impeccable job, but some punctuation claim they can smell a profanity a mile away.

“You don’t look like Aardvark.”

“I’ve lost some weight since last year,” I said.

Flash Fiction

A Taste of Cinnamon

Renny gnawed his lip. There were lots of rules on the transport ship, most of which he was happy to ignore, but the prohibition against going beyond the bulkhead felt different. Like if you got found out, they put you in the detention cells or out an airlock. But that was Jessi out there, with her blond curls and swivel hips and…

Issue 21

March 2015

From the Editor

And here we are, already at the halfway point of Year 3! Fireside has a lot going on. We’ve got Andrea Phillips’ novel Revision coming out… Read More